Bois Mort
Light & Sound Installation

Félix Luque / Damien Gernay 

In Memory Lane the artists 3D scanned a small forest situated in the back of Iñigo’s house in Asturias. It’s a snag forest; dying trees and branches naturally creates chaotic architectures.
Inspired by this landscape, they developed a simple assembling system capable of generating complex structures using light tubes (100 units of 36w TLD). These electronic branches generate light behaviors. And sound is then transduce and amplified from the electromagnetic fields of the electronic lights components, using loudspeakers. It is a transducer of a physical signal (light - electricity) into another (sound).

The installation thus creates an electronic and poetic image of a concrete territory dear to the artists' memories.

- 100 TLD 36W lamps, 100 36W Ballast, 100 VIP90/2. One LanBox LCX. 4 LanBox 788LD+ DMX dimmers, Custom electronics, 32 speakers, 32 microphones, one Apple MacMini Computer, Custom software.