Modular Sculpture System

The system is composed of 10 rhombic dodecahedrons, geometrical objects part of the family of «Space-filling polyhedra»: shapes that can be assembled to generate a tessellation of an infinite space. These forms act as the building blocks for a sculpture generator.

Technical description
10 rhombic dodecahedrons, assembly system based on magnets, steel, polyamide, methacrylate, Arduinos, Xbee, electronic circuits, led lights, ultra sound sensors, speakers. computer.

Space-Filling Polyhedra, Rhombic Dodecahedron, Sculpture Generator, 3D Tessellation.

Different Ways to Infinity: Modular by Félix Luque Sánchez
Iñigo Bilbao: Dodecahedrons Industrial Design .
Vincent Evrard: Arduino programming.

A production of "secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles"
With the support of iMAL (FabLAB)
"Different Ways to Infinity: Modular" received a production award from Fundación Telefónica "vida 13"