Félix Luque / Íñigo Bilbao

“… Junkyard
explores the accumulated car wrecks as archeological remains for the future - a future that is undergirded by the consumptive cultures of petroleum, rare earth minerals and metals of which the car is emblematic. Paul Virilio’s argument about the relationship of technology and accidents is illuminating in this sense: "every time that a new technology has been invented,” he writes “a new energy harnessed, a new product made, one also invents a new negativity, a new accident.”[1] In this sense, the easy conclusion would say that the people who invented the car also invented the car accident. But what happens, when we think about not individual accidents but the industry as a whole as an extended scale of a systematic accident that leaves traces of wrecks as the memory of past archaeological periods, whether that pertains to chemicals, metals or residual traces of media of past automobile cultures? In other words, what if we think that the whole industry, with production, distribution, excavation and use, and what it has been doing to the earth’s “resources,” the organisation of labour and gender roles, an historical accident that undermines the viability of organised human existence? – the car industry as the accident of the fossil fuel culture”

Text by Jussi Parikka & Yiğit Soncul.

[1] Critical Mass," World Art, no. 1 (1995), 81

Junk Yard I: Short Film. Duration: 6m:30s

Junkyard II: Sculpture installation using car bodies and a custom engraving machine.

Junkyard III: Point cloud film in 4K. Duration 20m

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Technical description
Exhibition in 3 parts:
Junkyard I: Short Film. Duration: 6m
Junkyard II: Sculpture installation using car bodies and a custom engraving machine.
Junk Yard III: Point cloud film in 4K. Duration 20m

Junkyard by Félix Luque and Iñigo Bilbao

Junkyard I by Félix Luque Sánchez and Nicolas Torres Correia
Cast: Talu, Clémentine Coutant, Sébastien Terrisse
Director: Nicolas Torres
Concept: Félix Luque Sánchez
DOP: Maxime Desmet
Music & Sound Design: Le Motel
3D Images: Íñigo Bilbao
Editing: Gert Van Berckelaer
Color Grading: Xavier Dockx
Producers: Lucie Bercez & Nicolas Wierinck
1st AC: Alexandre Cabanne
Gaffer: Theo Fernandez
Production: Le Fresnoy
Camera & Equipment: BFC

Junkyard II by Félix Luque:
Design and fabrication of the portatil engraving CNC: Félix Luque and Julien Maire
Software CNC : Vincent Evrard

Junkyard III by Félix Luque and Iñigo Bilbao
3D Animation : Iñigo Bilbao.
Music composition: Félix Luque
Musician : Guillaume Cazalet
Production : Félix Luque

Junkyard is a coproduction of  “secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” and "Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains ”.