Perpétuité I
Mechatronic installation

Félix Luque 

"Perpétuité I":  The visitor is invited to contemplate the perfection of mechatronic automation, the repetitive and identical movements, two machines programmed to manifest the eternal and at the same time its impossible realization. We are facing our disappearance, at a time when our technological creations, our machines are surpassing us as masters of repetition, collaborative work, data and calculation. But they also replace Sisyphus, condemned like him to reproduce and undo a task for life.

This installation functions as a metaphor of the present time, and offers a space for contemplation, in the face of our accelerated temporality. The imagination she tries to represent is that of our achievement through the technological dream. When human society is faced with its extinction, the eternal becomes a new task for our machines, a utopia in a future without humanity.

Perpétuité I by Félix Luque
Vincent Evrard: Custom software
Damien Gernay: Mechanical design advisor.

Perpétuité I is a coproduction of  “secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” and "Chroniques 2020 (Biennal of Digital Imagination)”.