Light & Sound Installation
2018 - 2019

Félix Luque / Damien Gernay / Iñigo Bilbao

Void is a speculative and fictional interpretation of the "black holes" that appears in our film Memory Lane. Technically, these holes are the subjective points of view from the 3D scanner.

This means that in the 3D data obtained by the scanner, a lack of information appears where the machine is physically placed in the landscape. We could have deleted them from the film, but we decided to do the opposite and highlight them as an important fictional element. They thus become a central element in the film's narrative.

In Void, we want to go even further and materialize these virtual black holes into metaphorical voids. We consider them as a kind of antimatter, space-time holes. For us, they connect the "real" physical world to Memory Lane's 3D digitized virtual landscapes.

Void is a sculpture that represents a rocky surface or texture. It is circular in shape, one metre and twenty centimetres in diameter, with a hollow in its centre that sinks inwards.

When you look at this object, you see a powerful light inside its cavity. This light fills this space of which we are unable to see the background. It seems infinite to us.
It is a white light that is animated, alive. It vibrates and its power is constantly modulated, changing.
The more we look at this mysterious cavity, the more we start to have optical effects, illusions. They are due to the large changes in the intensity of light, which dazzle and disturb our eyes, our brains and our perception.
The liveliness of this light is also perceived by its sound matter. A texture that accompanies every change, every movement of light, and makes this object even more enigmatic.

VOID by Félix Luque, Iñigo Bilbao and Damien Gernay

A coproduction of “secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”, "Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru".